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Welcome aboard

TITANIC: HONOR AND GLORY is a first-person open-world historical recreation. With a fully explorable, fully interactive and historically perfected RMS Titanic at your disposal, walk her decks and experience her opulence as very few did. From first-class to third, from mechanical spaces to the tops of the funnels, uncover the infamous story of Titanic through museum-like elements, compelling survivor testimony and a heartbreaking real-time sinking.


Sail aboard Titanic

Explore a beautifully recreated and historically accurate RMS Titanic as she appeared on her maiden and only voyage.

Real Time Sinking (Under Development)

Witness the most written about maritime disaster in history as Titanic sinks from under you in real-time.

Log Entries

Uncover all there is to know of Titanic’s construction, voyage, sinking, passengers and crew as you catalog your exploration through this massive Titanic museum.


Track down countless postcards, photos, letters, telegrams, possessions and more hidden throughout Titanic’s 10 decks.

VIRTUAL REALITY (under development)

Sail aboard Titanic and endure her sinking in stunning virtual reality, bringing the grandest ship ever built into your home.

More features to be announced soon!