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Demo 401 - 'MegaDemo'

Lovingly known as “MegaDemo,” our largest release ever is now available to explore! Featuring 30% of the RMS Titanic in unprecedented visual and historical detail, this demo contains every 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class and crew space we have ever built in one massive level.*

DEMO 401 was made possible thanks to years of generous support from our fans. As a “thank you” larger than the ship herself, we are releasing this incredible experience for free!

The team responsible for this massive demo is composed of dedicated volunteers, many donating their free time after work or school to the project. That same team is attempting to bring Titanic back to life with even more impressive detail and special gameplay features in the full version of TITANIC: HONOR & GLORY.

Though DEMO 401 is free, you can show your support of this incredible endeavor by making a donation to the project or joining the THG Patreon for as little as $2 a month! A Patreon membership not only funds the reconstruction of Titanic but entitles you to special perks including early access to the THG Alpha.**

All donations of any kind are greatly appreciated and to all those who have already contributed to this project, we thank you.

*As of December 2021. Unfinished areas, though few, have been left out for the sake of consistency and quality.

**Beginning at $12 (+VAT if applicable) per month.

Join Our Patreon Free Download Demo 401 V1.4.2
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Demo 401 Image 1Demo 401 Image 2Demo 401 Image 3Demo 401 Image 4Demo 401 Image 5Demo 401 Image 6Demo 401 Image 7Demo 401 Image 8

Demo 401 system requirements

All systems require a GPU with DirectX12 support and updated drivers. Unreal prerequisites included with the demo files must be installed.

Minimum requirements

Dual core CPU

8GB of RAM

GPU with 4GB of Video Memory

25GB of free disk space

Recommended requirements

Quad core CPU

16GB of RAM

GPU with 8GB of Video Memory

25GB of free disk space

Optimal requirements

Modern Quad core CPU. Ryzen 5000 series, Intel 11th or 12th Gen or higher

32 GB of RAM

GPU with RTX compatibility. 2070 or 3060 or higher.

25GB of free NVMe SSD space


Thank you for making a donation to the project!

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If you pay with your credit/debit card, THG receives more of your donation due to lower fees!

$ Please ensure you have entered a numerical value in the amount box.