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Project 401

JOURNEY BACK IN TIME aboard the legendary RMS Titanic just as she appeared on her maiden - and only - voyage. From the lavish balustrades of the Grand Staircase to the coal dusted air of the boiler rooms, Titanic is yours to explore and her many stories are yours to uncover.

Explore 50% of the RMS Titanic

Titanic: Project 401 will be available on Steam upon release. A free experience, DEMO 401, is available now as well as the opportunity to join the THG Patreon! A Patreon membership not only funds our reconstruction of Titanic but entitles you to special perks and access!

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Titanic First Class Lounge Onboard RMS Titanic Telegram RMS Titanic sailing at night




With 50% of the RMS Titanic at your disposal, walk her decks, wander her corridors and experience her luxury as very few did.

Uncover Titanic’s infamous history as you catalog your journey through this massive Titanic museum.

Witness the true stories of Titanic’s passengers and crew - in their own words - as they experience life and loss aboard the Olympic Class Liner.

Demo 401 system requirements

All systems require a GPU with DirectX12 with Shader Model 6 support. Included Unreal Engine prerequisites must be installed.

The demo only runs on Windows 10 or 11, which must be reasonably up to date.

Minimum requirements*

Dual core CPU

8GB of RAM

GPU with 4GB of Video Memory**

45GB of free disk space

Recommended requirements

Quad core CPU

16GB of RAM

GPU with 8GB of Video Memory

45GB of free disk space

SSD Recommended

*Smaller levels may have lower minimum requirements.

**Note that 1st Class requires approximately 7GB of RAM and VRAM. VRAM is shared with system memory, so it is possible to run 1st class with a GPU that only has 4GB of VRAM, as long as you have at least 12GB of RAM.


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